03/02/17 10:05 AM
Re: Sous vide cooking with the anova

Sous vide is cooking food in a vacuumed sealed bag in a water bath. I think it originated in France. The great thing about it is the meat comes out so tender all the way through. It's also nice that you can leave it in the water bath till you are ready. I am new to this kind of cooking so please look it up. Last night I tried my first steak. I filled a pot with water, set up the anova and set it to 130 degrees, (for medium rare), I seasoned the meat, put it in a zip lock bag, (they say you can use that, just get most of the air out). When the water reached 130 degrees, I placed the bag in the water and left it for 1 hour. It was done. I left it in the water bath till I was ready for dinner. ( another 20 minutes). I then took it out, dried it, and seared it for less than a minute per side . It was excellent. Very tender. I want to try a nice bone in rib eye next.

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