11/10/17 11:26 AM
Re: Trip report Curacao Oct 28-Nov 7, 2017 (long)

Hi, Robin,

What a great trip report! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

When our SXM trips for this year started to fall apart, we had two islands on our someday list and Curacao was one of them but as luck would have it, we had better options traveling to Antigua in March when we finally decided to cancel our regular SXM trip. (We just gave up altogether on a November trip this year but we seriously hope to make up for it next November!) And like you, once to Aruba was enough for us though there was nothing wrong with it.

The next time we decide to step outside our personal norms, your report makes Curacao that much more likely as our next new place to go.

Again, sincere thanks......

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