12/06/17 08:46 AM
check your January Aruba flights on AA

I was checking our January Aruba flights, and saw that AA changed our return flight out of Aruba from 5:40 PM to 3:30 PM - which in itself would have been good. But then I noticed that they had us staying overnight in Charlotte and not flying home to ILM until the next day - ridiculous (the original flight that we had booked back in Sept got us home the same evening).

I looked at the current AA schedule for the day we were supposed to return home at the end of January, and almost all flights now have an overnight connection. They have a couple of flights leaving Aruba early in the morning, with changes at 2 airports, and getting home late at night - not an option we'd be interested in, so we cancelled the entire trip and got a full refund from AA.

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