07/07/13 06:19 PM
Re: Calabash Cafe / Shipwreck Grill


While I kinow the name I'm not sure about the Calabash Cafe - for some reason I thought it was on Front St but not the water side, and I'm not sure but I'm betting, whether I'm right or wrong, Barbara would know if it was there, or if not, where it was.

As for the Shipwreck Grill, the original one was nearer the point at Mullet Bay Resort and connected to the beach by the same 'Honeymoon Walk' that connected the point and all it's venues, but I'm thinking the one your friend is recalling from about 28 years ago was right on the beach at Mullet about where Rosie is today. That little bit of remaining sidewalk between the parking lot and Rosie's used to lead to the Shipwreck and the lovely beach bar there.

That one I'm quite sure about. It was the second location, the original version, I'm thinking, having been destroyed possibly by a kitchen fire.

We started bringing our girls to the island in '83 and enjoyed many a Shipwreck breakfast buffet before we would begin our beach days at Mullet. On Sunday evenings they would hold their weekly beach barbecue in the same location.

It was a very different Mullet Bay back in the day...

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