05/17/16 05:04 AM
Re: Orient Beach - where to sit/eat/drink?

Here is another vote for Club Orient. Just find a pair of chairs that don't have colored "wrist bracelets" fastened to the framework and set up shop. The beach boy will be around eventually to collect the $20 and fasten a pair of wrist bracelets to one of the chairs. Those chairs are now yours for the rest of the day. You can also go to the watersports hut at the far end of the beach and buy a book of coupons which you can use for a week, giving the beach boy one coupon per day when he comes around.

You will find that nudists are a friendly and accepting group and also will keep an eye on each other's property if asked... Club O also has good security, some of it obvious and some of it "under cover" ... Pardon the pun!

Happy hour at the Perch is very popular. When you order your drinks you will pay the normal price but you will each be given two drinks in stead of the normal one.


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