05/17/16 09:40 AM
Re: Orient Beach - where to sit/eat/drink?

We enjoy Waikiki. While the dollar to euro exchange isn't always in our favor we prefer the comfortable chairs spread apart, good service and bathroom facilities. The variety of cuisine offered from simple to full blown meals is welcomed.

Over the years we've come to know the staff although they seem to change every few years but then we make new acquaintance and friends.

With Cheryl no longer in business aside for a walk along the beach we probably will continue to stay at Waikiki when on Orient. However, we have eaten several times at La Playa and enjoy there food. Their chairs have not always had cushions so they were uncomfortable but if they've added cushions there's another option for us.

Palm also has good facilities and services but we were unimpressed with the food the last couple of times we ate there.

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