05/18/16 01:15 PM
Re: Orient Beach - where to sit/eat/drink?

It's very apparent that many people on this forum enjoy Club Orient's stretch of beach due to the calmness of the water, less sargassum, no beach vendors, the friendliness of beach goers and the CO option...after all, their slogan is "nothing is better".

We will be visiting Club O's beach area in the near future and would appreciate an abbreviated version as to what to expect from the time you park your vehicle in their lot. For example...Will security meet you in the parking lot to pay for parking? Do you remove swimwear in parking lot or in a change area or right at the beach? Do you need to check in at reception? Where is the quietest part of their beach? Are there certain protocols to be aware of?

We just want to respect the beach and patrons as much as you longtime visitors and not look like the newbies that we are.

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