05/18/16 01:57 PM
Re: Orient Beach - where to sit/eat/drink?

The Guard Shack is near the "Public Walkway" to the beach. No charge for parking in the Club Orient lot from May 1-Oct 31. No security in the Parking lot, but always Security guards around. It's your choice to be dressed or undressed from Parking lot to can be nude in parking lot, Orientique (store), The Perch Bar (Happy Hour 2:30-3:30 2 for 1 drinks), Papaguyos (Restaurant) good food, service and HH around 4:30, I think. You can eat at either Bar or Restaurant or bring your own cooler with food and drinks. You can also walk up the beach to any other restaurant (cover up if walking past the rocks. Women can be topless along the entire Orient beach). Choose any orange /white lounge chair that does not have a tag on it (plastic wristband type) and await beach boy to collect fee of $20 for 2 chairs & umbrella or purchase a weekly pass at Watersports. Always sit on a towel wherever you place your naked behind. Never take pictures!! No radios or music allowed on the beach to disturb others. Have fun whether you are dressed or undressed.

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