05/19/16 08:05 PM
Re: Orient Beach - where to sit/eat/drink?


timmycs said:

pat said:
While I wasn't thrilled with his post either, technically he is at least partially correct. The accepted norm these days for nudism is at Club O and not the entire length of Orient. Thus the 8:30 gendarme walks. Times change and so does the island, whether we like it or not!

-- and the reason I thanked Jaybird. I still maintain Scubamans opinion was not required nor did it add any info to this topic.

My question is valid as to why anyone would visitd a beach that at specific times of the morning you might see a nude walker when you are intolerant of the body, and there are plenty of other beaches on the island.

I guess the point could be many know that nudity these days is supposedly limited to the Club O section of the beach. And some don't have a clue or care either way.

The point is, St. Martin is not a nude island but it is an island with a stretch of nude beach, most specifically the area in front of Club O. There are other areas where nudity is practiced such as Cupecoy on the Dutch side as well as Happy Bay and Rouge on the French side along with a few of the more remote and unpeopled beaches but it's not a given for these places.

We started visiting Orient Beach when it was a nice lonely stretch of mostly unpeopled real estate that happened to have some of the nicest beachfront on the island. As it was developed the whole character of the beach changed. Personally speaking, it's no longer on my preferred list, but my bottom line is I try to comply with whatever the rules or accepted practices are, and I could personally care less what, if anything or nothing, people wear there. But today, it is not as accepted to be nude anywhere or at anytime you want along Orient.

My fear is and has been for a long time, those who continue to push the envelope could push to the point they do away with it completely. And that said, I'm done.

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