05/19/16 11:33 PM
Re: Orient Beach - where to sit/eat/drink?


timmycs said:

pat said:
While I wasn't thrilled with his post either, technically he is at least partially correct. The accepted norm these days for nudism is at Club O and not the entire length of Orient. Thus the 8:30 gendarme walks. Times change and so does the island, whether we like it or not!

-- and the reason I thanked Jaybird. I still maintain Scubamans opinion

"but I don't want to get that visual on the other part of Orient where I go to"

was not required nor did it add any info to this topic.

My question is valid as to why anyone would visit a beach that at specific times of the morning you might see a nude walker when you are intolerant of the body, and there are plenty of other beaches on the island.

So why should a small percentage of the people make a larger percentage uncomfortable? Nudity has it's place but not on the whole stretch of Orient Beach. Read the signs.

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