10/29/16 11:57 AM
Re: Demographics of TTOL members? age/loc

Our WJ trip was in '03 or '04. The agent offered a 10% discount if we paid in advance. I asked what would happen to my money if they went bankrupt or something, Hah! he said - we've been in business since the 40s, we're stable. Couple of years later we decided to go again - they had gone kaput.
3/4 of the people on the cruise got sick, including the captain, and ME. Never been so sick, thankfully it started around 6:00AM, by 2:00 PM I was drinking Bloody Marys. It was a virus that had started in St Maarten. Captain said half the people on island had gotten it.

Cruzer, I think you are on island now? We get there next Saturday, staying in Orient Village.

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