11/21/16 05:02 AM
Re: Demographics of TTOL members? age/loc

I'm in my mid-50's from Rhode Island. My Dad started going to SXM in the late 80's as a guest of friends who owned at Royal Islander La Plage. He bought three weeks in March soon after. I started going in March '94, and my sister in March '96. We own two weeks at Royal Islander in you guessed it - March Dad still owns his 3 weeks and rents 8 or 9 weeks around them at La Plage. What a way to escape most of Winter - he's my idol! His next trip down is on New Years Eve, staying until 3/25.

While Royal Islander is home, my sister and I have also stayed at Port de Plaisance (displaced due to Royal Islander's closure from Lenny), Pelican, and Ocean Club.

We've met SO many longtime SXM friends through this message board - so grateful for TTOL As a matter of fact, I "met" my SXM buddy Gretchen here ages ago. We figured out via posting that my Dad is good friends with Gretchen's Mom via Royal Islander. We met in person the next trip and we're BFF's to this day

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