11/21/16 03:53 PM
Re: Demographics of TTOL members? age/loc

I am 69 from Albany NY, I hadn't posted this until now, but my wife Amy passed away from pancreatic cancer shortly after our return from our annual St. Maarten vacation. I am planning to return again in March with my friend Rita, whose husband Tom died just 8 days after our vacation 2 years ago. Rita and I have many great memories, but this next trip may be our last. We have TS in 3 different resorts. Towers, Royal Palm and LaTerrasse. They are consecutive weeks and contrary to what you would think would be a hassle, we enjoyed moving around to new views, pools and restaurants. Amy and I forst visited in 1985 and bought our first TS in 95 with Rita and Tom. We had a great 20 year run.


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