03/07/17 12:30 PM
Enough Doom and Gloom - Remember the Good Old Days

So many things we loved about SXM have changed and we often wish we could return to the happy memories of long ago. Roads that were more like paths; great restaurants hidden in places you couldn't imagine; and the freedom to wander the island without fear of anything worse than a flat tire in the outback......

So many places we loved and lost but for me, the biggest one has to be the Mullet Bay Resort which was my introduction to St. Maarten so many years ago and the restort we primarily visited for the first fifteen years we visited the island. Many an evening spent at the Sweet Tooth or the Grand Casino and the wonderful days lounging under a palapa on the beach at Mullet. Their sunday evening BBQs were great and the entertainment and dancing afterward was always fun. And the Frigate - my favorite island restaurant back in the day. So sad to see all the changes..........and all the wonderful things that today are but happy memories of days gone by.

Does anyone else have this type of memory?

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