03/07/17 03:10 PM
Re: Enough Doom and Gloom - Remember the Good Old Days

Ah yes I remember it well... no guardrails on the hill to Philipsburg, the old road to Dawn Beach, the dirt parking lot in Philipsburg in back of the Government Offices (entry gate and arm installed after it was paved), Great Bay before the boardwalk, the "no man's land" portion of the road on the hill near the current Blue Mall, Marigot before new wharf area, two way traffic through the main road in Grand Case, GEBE brown outs (oh yes that still occurs today, restaurants of years ago - Zachary's in Point Blanche, Sint Maarten Ribs in P'burg, Sebastiano's in Grand Case, Cha Cha Cha in Grand Case, Fish Pot in Grand Case, Ric's Place in P'burg - later Simpson Bay.....

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