03/07/17 03:56 PM
Re: Enough Doom and Gloom - Remember the Good Old Days

1981, beautiful Mullet Bay resort with open air lobby check in, a real golf course, lunch by the beach in a real restuarant, A frame houses on Simpson Bay, My friends father's house on Simpson bay where Characters is now, unpaved roads on Dutch side, beautiful Marigot especially by the lagoon. had to use francs on French side, unspoiled Orient Beach with only 6 people on the whole beach, the old airport, Mrs Busby's and the other beach bar, picking up hitchhikers, a full beach with sand by the nude beach in Cupecoy with that beautiful rock sticking out of the water, being nude at the cave in Cupecoy (below the Cliffs) with 5 other couples, no power in the middle of the night, no traffic, very few people speaking English on the French side, when half the tourists on the Dutch side were Dutch, more topless women, very few timeshares, when most of the people on the beach were not overweight, when Mullet bay resort was the most beautiful and sophisticated place I had ever been to, no drugs, guns and crime, no cruise ship passengers, wild dogs and goats everywhere, when every store in Maho was occupied. It still paradise but wow was it better than... I wish many of you could have experienced it. It was the beginning of a love affair that has lasted a life time..beautiful when we were young, older and not as pretty but still committed...

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