03/08/17 09:33 AM
Re: Enough Doom and Gloom - Remember the Good Old Days

Although our first visit was later than some (2002) we too have seen many changes. There was a dirt road driving to Dawn beach where there was no condoís, no Westin hotel. Ms Bís had her tent up as well as a couple of other beach/restaurant vendors including Scavengers. We loved Dawn Beach when we first started visited SXM. It was our beach of choice. Orient was well built up by the time we started visiting but Cupecoy still had no high-rises and the Cliffside bar/restaurant was a joy to sit at and watch the sun go down and drink a mudslide which was one of their specialties.

We visited Marigot often and fell in love with Bar de la mar where I ate the biggest grilled shrimp I had ever seen. The Caravanserai was a small 2 or 3 floor hotel where we stayed twice and Sunset Beach Bar was a small place where everyone who gathered easily talked about their visits and how great this and that was. We had many fun Halloween experiences at the Kissing Fish, SSBB and Lady C. The island has changed much in 15 years, many places are gone. People who we have met and became good friends have passed on and some no longer travel there. We are grateful to see the island at the end of this month for the 23rd time. Hoping for peace and safety.

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