03/11/17 12:58 PM
Re: Enough Doom and Gloom - Remember the Good Old Days

Aanother great find for us was LePavillion Restaurant in Simpson Bay back in the early 80's. Simpson Bay then was nothing like it is today and I think this was the only restaurant along the beach with the exception of Mary's Boon Guesthouse. There used to be some sort of construction plant, perhaps a cement plant? - and you turned in by it on the right just before the old bridge, and eventually as you snaked around back there you would come across the restaurant. The food was wonderful as was the service and it was definitely a favorite. We think it was destroyed in a hurricane but I'm not sure if that. So much of what we first knew on the island has been lost and so much new has taken its place.

The Food Center
Portofinos on Front St.
Pinocchio's also on Front St.
The original restaurant at Mary's Boon
The Frigate along with all the other Mullet Restaurants
Marks in Cul de Sac
Bobbys Marina in P'berg and the Seafood Galley Restaurant there
All of Dawn Beach Resort and Mullet Bay Resort
Midass Muffler at the foot of the hill heading to P'berg
Risdons take out stand and Risdons Ice Cream Shop by the pier in P'berg
The Parrott place
Some of the earlier radio personalities
The Philipsberg Rib Place - in P'berg and in Simpson Bay
Bertines up in the French Hills of LaSavanne
And the phone company in P'berg where you went to place a call home....
Lynettes in Simpson Bay

Along with so much more whose names and specifics I can't remember......

Those were the good old days on SXM that a few of us here were fortunate enough to have been a part of. And I can only imagine what my kids and Grands will recall as their "good old days" memories some day down the road......

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