04/01/17 06:40 PM
Re: Would you trust the hotel safe?

I hesitate to share this, since it's an old story, but we were at our timeshare (Flamingo) and needed an extra night on the front end. We were given a ground floor unit (up in the "villas") but I protested, saying I didn't want a ground unit. I was told that that was the only one available, so I relented. (The "welcome" desk guy at that time was very rude to me.)
The next day, after a morning trip to Philipsburg, we returned to find the door slightly ajar. As we entered, we discovered that someone had forced their way through the sliding glass doors, pried open our safe (taking the contents, but leaving our passports) and taken some other items, e.g. camera.
We reported it; the resort security came and called the police.
Bottom line: insurance covered what we had lost, but it certainly unnerved us. Flamingo offered us a dinner in Marigot as well as their apologies for how I had been treated upon arrival.
Since that time, security patrols the area where the burglar(s) had entered, although moreso at night (this occurred in broad daylight).

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