04/02/17 06:36 AM
Re: Would you trust the hotel safe?

I am so sorry!!!! Because they had timeshare at both towers and sapphire, I got them confused. It was saffire, and as a matter of fact!!! they never went back due to this happening. I wish I could remember all the details but yes, the safe was broken into, and they being big time casino folks they did have a lot of cash. I thought 10.000, but could have been more... Was a long time ago, but we knew them and actually, the husband still comes on Island, and has stayed at the towers. Could be the same incident... Sorry for the mix up. And probably should not name the place, but to late... I would assume safes are made break in proof at most resorts... But this is a true story... And no, should not have that much cash on hand, but they did the casino thing every night, so it is what it is...

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