04/02/17 08:53 AM
Re: Would you trust the hotel safe?


Thank you for coming back and correcting your post.

As I said earlier, I've known most of the staff at the Towers for almost as long as they've been open as we are original pre-construction Towers owners and I know there is virtually no turn over in staff there.

I've always known them to be honest and trustworthy in every way and it really bothered me to hear this story and for it to be even remotely directed at any one of them. But thankfully, I had heard it before, prior to you telling it here and while it bothered me to question anyone publicly, I had to do so lest people draw bad conclusions about good people.

Again, thanks for your clarification. Many might not have come back and owned up to their error publicly so on behalf of a lot of very good people, i thank you. .

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