04/03/17 08:09 AM
Re: Would you trust the hotel safe?

Re not using CCs in grocery stores, we almost always use ours in the LGM (could now be Carrefour?) at Porto Cupecoy and the original LGM on the roundabout heading into P'berg and have never had a problem doing so. I would assume the smaller Mom-and-Pop-type groceries haven't taken CCs in the past and probably still don't accept them.

And with regard to CCs for jewelry, you can often negotiate a better deal using cash. And there are some restaurants that definitely don't choose to accept CCs for whatever the reason . I remember how shocked I was the first time we went to Scilly Caye to learn they didn't take them there, and as of the last time we were at FBBC, they weren't taking CCs either. In both those places it might be because of the logistics of telephone verifications. Or not? Thus the suggestion often made to carry enough cash for your daily activities JIC.

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