04/03/17 08:43 AM
Re: Would you trust the hotel safe?

Here is are our general rules of thumb we use when visiting. We always limited amount. May be a couple hundred dollars. Nothing more. If we need more cash we will head to a major bank (Scotia, RBC) and use the branches ATM (less likely to have a skimmer).

Last visit I brought a pack of $100 in singles. For tippage. Brilliant move...very handy. We do not carry wallets or purses. We both have water proof hard case wallets. That hold room key, ID cash and a credit card. That's all you need.

Nothing expensive or of meaning is brought down in the way of Jewelry. I have a basic watch, wedding ring. That's it.

SBR is very safe, however we lock up everything of value. Anything that can be easily lifted. Cameras, wallet cash, passports, credit cards not in use and even laptops. (We usually stay two weeks and do have to engage in work from time to time. Losing work laptop = bad). We lock up everything especially when we know we will be gone for the majority of the day.

We also call the banks and let them know which cards may be in use. Especially my Chase card. It has a hair trigger for fraud. Its cool but also can be a PIA. (Imagine buying about $1,500 of IKEA cabinets and 10 people behind you when it decides it does not like Swedish Furniture purchases..it takes about 30 seconds to clear with the app, but the cashier and people behind me don't buy that....I digress).

Just be prudent, wise and use some common sense. All will be safe and good.

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