04/03/17 09:17 AM
Re: Shop N Drop

Thank you all... I am just reading all these comments. Always brings tears to my eyes...

As you all know My team and I work very hard and sometimes it is exhausting as this is a very labour intensive job. It has been 7 years going on 8 since I started this right here on TTOL.

But I am so glad that all of you feel the service level has not gone down as my business has slowly reached to what it is today. I was always afraid as business grows the service will get harder and harder to provide the personal touch but this is what is most important to me and I am gald that we are continuing to meet all your needs.

Thank you again and I appreciate not only your comments but also the great friendships and loyal customers I have acquired over the years...

Most importantly this is the first business I have ever owned or started in my entire life and it has been the most rewarding learning experience not just about running a business but life as well...


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