04/03/17 10:04 AM
Compare Divi to GCBC

Both has plusses & minuses.

Divi has 3 pools GCBC only one. But chairs at GCBC better and plush. Always an available place to plop. At Divi we could never find a chair at any pool. Beach chairs scattered GCBC arranged seating in line.

Divi has 3 restaurants GCBC only one but far better than any at Divi.

Divi large resort, GCBC intimate 70 units. Both have studio, 1BR and 2BR. Both have tennis court.

Divi maid service only on Wednesday unless you pay for daily. GCBC has daily no extra charge. Daily flowers and a bottle of wine.

Divi has a store on site GCBC does not.

Divi has messy beach. GCBC has 2 beaches, Petite Plague & GC Beach, a wooden walkway around resort with extended platforms here & there with 2 loungers over water in each one, a covered platform overlooking Anguilla, and some hammocks, stone benches scattered around the property.

Appears Divi puts MF into grounds and occasionally replaces furniture. Furniture better at GCBC. Grounds at GCBC intimate, almost jungle-like but well trimmed. You could lose yourself at GCBC. At Divi you're one of the crowd.

If you want to eat other than at resort: at Divi you have a steep hill to contend with to get into P'Burg. GCBC you can walk to many fine restaurants. But the food at GCBC is just as good as any fine restaurant. We didn't like the food at Divi

Divi has music in evening making it not very quiet. GCBC has no music so evenings are quiet,but you can walk to Blue Martini, Calmos Cafe, Rainbow for music.

Divi has 2 tv's in units but in ours only 1 worked. Reception was bad. GCBC has only 1 large screen tv in unit with great reception: HBO, SHO, MAX other cable channels CNN FOX etc and 2 French channels.

People at Divi don't smile much. If you don't greet them 1st they pass quietly. At GCBC everyone smiles and greets you by name. Security at both altho' I never saw it at Divi I did see security pass unit several times daily and at night. GCBC is gated. You enter using room key. Divi has a guard shack.

There's more but when people say GCBC is expensive I think you get more bang for the buck. Daily breakfast is included and all water sports. Not to mention that daily maid service!

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