04/03/17 04:30 PM
Re: Would you trust the hotel safe?

I never use my back card as a debit card. That means I don't withdraw money at a store with it. I only use it as a Credit card in stores, no pin.
I do use it at ATM, such as Scotiabank and never had a problem. Did use a pin for that but was very vigilant. Just as I am in US. My Platinum AMEX has been jacked many times and according to NYPD, they are probably internal thefts. One time I was in SXM with my AMEX and it was being used at restaurant in Michigan. Swiped and thief added tip!
You can only try to be careful. Last time was in Oct. I was in NYC and card was used by Uber in CA.
That being said, it shouldn't freak anyone out about traveling. General comment, not directed at anyone.

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