06/03/17 07:59 PM
Re: Tipping - Dutch Side

"If we like the service or if it's even somewhat reasonable, we tip 20% or more. If they add 15% automatically, I tip zero extra"

Carol, let me tell you and everyone why this attitude is so wrong. First of all, it's not the servers fault the owner is a greedy asshole. Being the the business, I detest the service charge unless it is clearly stated. We always ask before we are seated about the service charge. We have no control if the owner splits the tips amongst the staff, or he keeps a percentage for himself. Unfortunately, if we knew, we would never patronize an owner who steals from his employees. When we were in Europe we understood how the SC worked, but tipped about 10% anyway if the service was good. Bottom line it's not fare to burn the server for doing his or hers job.

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