06/04/17 06:46 PM
Re: Tipping - Dutch Side

And perhaps an addendum to my mantra as previously stated......" and don't believe an eager waiter who tries to enlighten me!" A service charge in a restaurant is a tip regardless of what they call it or try to tell you.....

The only caveat to all I've said previously about this topic is if I go as a group I fully expect the 'house' to add a generous tip to the bill and I have no problem with that.

In an earlier life a gazillion years ago, I worked in a restaurant and made awesome tips, but not by trying to con or take advantage of the paying public. Serving tables is hard work but if you do a good job and try your darnedest to be nice (even though there's always that one table) can and will generally be well taken care of by John Q Public.

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