07/05/17 01:20 PM
Re: Enough Doom and Gloom - Remember the Good Old Days

We have so many SXM memories.......I could go on and on (as I so often do.......!)

Along with all the other memories I've posted in this thread early on, in the evenings after dinner we used to enjoy leaving the unit where we stayed at Mullet Resort and walking the golf course, being mindful of the sprinkling system - and yes, they did have one back then - down to the beach at Mullet and perhaps taking a dip. Some nights we'd walk out to Maho Beach. This was before the Towers or Royal Islander was built and there was no Maho village or Cheri's and only the earliest stages of what is now the Sonesta Resort. There was no Boat Bar or Sunset Beach Bar at the other end of the beach. The original Caravanserai Resort - the one before all the different timeshare ventures came into being - was the only place I recall on other end of the beach before it became residential. It was a one and a half lane undivided road at that time and there were probably more walkers than cars.

We would walk out and at about the point where the Boat Bar is today we'd sit in the sand and watch the last late landing plane come in over Maho Beach. On a good night we could spot the plane well out over the ocean and as it came closer, it's lights would become visible to us and shine on the waves and cause them to shimmer in the glow.

As the plane finally soared overhead it almost felt as if it was pulling the surf up to the road. There was virtually NOTHING in this area at the time and it was clearly a favorite parking spot for island couples who I guess also enjoyed watching the late plane arrive.

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