07/05/17 02:14 PM
Re: Enough Doom and Gloom - Remember the Good Old Days

So, we've been coming to SXM since 2011, with a timeshare at LaPlage in Maho Bay. Sounds like we missed ALOT!!!! But what we like about the island in the six years we've been coming here is: long beach days at Orient Beach, and Club O in particular; Pinel; day trips to Anguilla; Maho village; Sunset Bar & Grill (even now with its touristy renovations !!!); shopping in Marigot; the Green Monkey bar; Cupecoy Beach(or what's left of it, anyway !!!); Happy Bay; and most of all, the people on the island, who have all been so friendly. And the staff at LaPlage's front desk have always been very efficient and professional. I can only imagine what it's like to hear the same questions over and over from people who walk up to that desk, including myself, over the years. The LaPlage staff take it all in stride and do a superb job.

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