07/06/17 03:23 PM
Re: Demographics of TTOL members? age/loc


Administrator said:
Found this interesting thread. Anyone care to do a spreadsheet and give us totals??

The following is by no means scientific and in honesty, I cannot guarantee with absolute certainty the accuracy, but based on the info given it looks like the vast majority of visitors to our friendly island fall in the 50 to 70 age bracket with the sixty year olds numbering at least 119. Thirty and forty year olds numbered 37 and we had two eighty year olds that I could actually count. I guess the twenty year olds all go to Miami's South Beach since there were none on our list.

As expected, the vast majority of visitors who posted came from the northeast - CT with fourteen; MA with 22; NJ with 23; and NY with 27. The surprise to me was Michigan who also had 23 known posters and really not too surprisingly, Canada had 29.

And to clarify a bit, many who posted in the thread didn't give ages and some gave no indication of where they were from so these numbers are only reflective of those who could be clearly be identified by age and/or location.

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