07/13/17 01:23 PM
Re: Someone died?

If most people would think about it (but they don't) The health effects are not good at all from inhaling mass amounts of Jet-A exhaust. I posted a similar post on this years ago on this subject and it was removed for some reason. But It's fact...
Sure there are a lot of activities that can be risky and dangerous and you can die from instantly, but usually those things or activities do not include inhaling toxic chemicals.
So why expose yourself to this especially when most complain about health issues when someone who is smoking too close to you in a normal setting like a restaurant?

Between respiratory and DNA altering issues, Bone and Marrow altering, breathing heavy chemical particulate matter, heavier toxins such as benzene during the heating or burning of Diesel Jet Fuel Increase or almost double in some instances during its exhaust phase. I have met people that have gone almost every day of their trip because of the excitement of something we are not allowed to do at home, for many reasons. My OSHA training spent an hour on this explanation and short term or long term wasn't an issue as opposed to all of the risks associated to this activity. I guess you could call the cruise ship bus tours to that beach "The Black Lung Express"

Have I done it myself? Of course I have many times before I truly realized of what can come about from it.

Take a look:

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