07/13/17 04:47 PM
Re: Someone died?

For a fully dressed person flying and exchanging planes and such is fairly safe of course. However you don't see Airport/tarmac employees wearing a bikini or board shorts no shirt and flip flops, they are wearing full jumpsuits, boots and gloves.
Its shown that the blast can kill almost instantly, but what about later down the road when something arises with you that is possibly related to exposure. This was my point.

Just consider yourself for a moment, half naked in a bathing suit in the sun with a heat index of 90, and a little glistening of perspiration and lathered with another chemical (sunscreen of course) that makes anything stick to your skin and stay there.
Your pores and eyes and nasal passages and your lungs are open and susceptible to the jet wash, a steam vapor is created which forms a mist carrying chemical cocktails that can't help but stick to you also. carbon and micro debris from rubber on the tarmac come at you at break neck speed...
I guess we could always check with a Respiratory specialist or Dermatologist and ask them on the health risks, but I would want to lay bets on their response beforehand.

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