07/13/17 05:38 PM
Re: Someone died?


Bobcat said:

weeks5051 said:

boucharda said:
After managing an Emergency Department for MANY years I realized there can only be so much done to protect people from themselves.

Tragic event and different but similar situations occur every day everywhere

Very True. Yearly on average in the U.S. there are 20 deaths from skydiving, 90 deaths worldwide from scuba diving, and over 700 cycling deaths in the U.S. Should we try to stop people from doing these dangerous activities too?

Apples and oranges - while dangerous these activities in the hands of those trained and experienced reduce the risks - standing at the fence at Maho is simply dangerous and foolish and requires no special skill - observing the warning signs seems easy enough to me.

I disagree. Many cyclists are killed and they have no training. As a matter of fact most of those killed have no training whatsoever. The same thing goes for swimmers at a beach without lifeguards. It's a tourist attraction for a reason. All thrill experiences have an element of danger otherwise it wouldn't be a thrill. And as far as scuba divers and sky divers are concerned, even with their special training, some still die. So it IS apples and apples.

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