07/13/17 07:39 PM
Re: Someone died?/Maho Jet Blast


SXMBND said:

SXMDeepBleu said:
Google: "Airport blast fence", intended for this very thing. It is a money and publicity generating anomaly for the island, hence the new amount of tours from cruise port to the site. No way will it ever be corrected.

What's to correct??? These people aren't forced....nor is it an accident. These folks make a choice to do something be it.

To correct would be an issue to safety due to it being close to the roadside as they do all over the world, for vehicles that need to pass let alone the ignorant that cling to the fence regardless of any sign. It's really a Govt. liability too when it comes to the concerns of tourism safety. The day that there is an engine fire or failure upon takeoff although rare but sudden, and raw fuel or fire or shrapnel shoots out and makes its way to a whole beach full of people then maybe.

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