07/14/17 08:49 AM
Re: Someone died?

The whole situation defies logic and this outcome is a horrific result. I visited the sunset bar when we first visited the island years ago. (Been there, done that moment) It was a slow day, however there were a handful of people who were holding onto the fence. My jaw dropped on the dangers. Exhaust, FOD on the runway, and the risk of being blown across a road. We can beat this one to death, but its is dangerous on so many levels. Because it was a slow day, I started chatting up with one of SBB managers. I asked if anyone had been killed and he said no..."a couple broken bones..but no deaths... He also just rolled his eyes at the idiots riding the fence. I was shocked no one had been killed over the years...

Clearly this activity needs to be discouraged. Instead of building more barriers and infrastructure that may or may not work, how about just making the fence off limits and anyone caught touching it or is caught loitering on the road subject to a hefty fine? Say $500. I am just spitballing here but its seems if you actual create a hard consequence for a potentially dumb action you will discourage more, not all, from doing something stupid.

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