07/16/17 07:06 AM
Re: Someone died?


Carol_Hill said:
Sorry, I think that's a ridiculous amount. The current signs do not even say it is ILLEGAL to stand there, as I'm not at all certain that it is. Perhaps the legislature could pass a law that says that it is illegal to stand there. The problem, as I said, is that particularly many local people walk along there, to get from Beacon Hill to Maho, as this is the only way to get there. The law would have to be carefully drafted to allow people to walk through there, just not stand there, and I think that would be a bit dicey in drafting.

I figured a high enough amount to deter a drunk tourist. But I see what you're saying about walking past, in that many people don't actually cling to the fence during take-off, but put themselves in line with the engine thrust. And who's to say who merely unknowingly walks past at the very moment the plane takes off versus who intentionally stops to participate in this foolish activity. It's a tricky issue, but maybe a slightly higher, solid wall, just at the end of the runway, would be better to prevent this from happening.

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