09/03/17 11:11 AM
Re: Moring Stuff About Irma's Position

Yes keep fingers crossed. The next 72 hours should determine a lot of things, based on the 11am NHC information.

From the NHC:

A strong high pressure ridge over the central Atlantic is steering
Irma west-southwestward or 255/12 kt. This general motion with
some reduction in forward speed is expected during the next day or
so. After that time, Irma is forecast to turn westward, then
west-northwestward in about 72 hours as it approaches the western
portion of the ridge.



While Irma is currently a small hurricane, the guidance suggests it
should grow in size during the next 72 h. This will affect how soon
watches may be issued for portions of the Leeward and Virgin
Islands, and interests on those islands should continue to monitor
Irma's progress.

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