09/03/17 06:47 PM
Re: Hurricane WATCH issued for St. Maarten/St. Martin

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and for all the people of the island. With each local update here, it looks worse and worse for the island. Lots of prayers and good wishes coming your way. This is one time I truly hope and pray our forecasters have gotten it wrong again.

And to all the vacationers who have never seen the devastation a major storm can do across the island, please be smart and be safe and don't allow yourselves to let your guard down with regard to this storm. Hunker down in your resort and be safe.

And lastly, if you can get a flight out ahead of it, even if it's coming only remotely near the island, DO SO ASAP and don't let yourself get stuck there. I wish I could remember how many days the airport was closed during Luis but it was a wait for those there trying to get out and for those islanders away trying to get back home again. If the storm should come across the island you are pretty much on your own.

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