09/03/17 07:41 PM
Re: Hurricane WATCH issued for St. Maarten/St. Martin

Being through a hurricane on island. Get off at all costs BEFORE it arrives. Don't make excuses of not leaving. Because after the hurricane/ storm your vacation is finished anyhow. If that is not possible, fill the car with gas, buy non perishable food to eat,buy a lot of bottled water, buy a multi band radio to listen to weather updates so you have an idea of whats going on, buy a couple of flashlights AND buy a lot of batteries to power them.

Even after the hurricane goes through you will not get on the next flight out. The airlines will put the persons from the canceled flights on empty seats available on the post flights leaving the island. And since most flights are full now days this could take a while to get off the island.

I was lucky enough to have a closet with concrete walls in the middle of the villa I was at to ride through the hurricane.

video here


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