09/04/17 11:44 AM
Re: Hurricane WARNING for St. Martin/St. Maarten

To Kim because I love you.........

Take a deep breath - I know it's a lot easier to say than to do but I'm thinking and hoping you and your new island home will be okay, all things taken in consideration. Those condos have withstood a lot of years and a lot of storms and you do have seemingly caring on-site managers who, by all appearances so far, go way out of their way to keep everything in tiptop condition.

And to all our island friends and acquaintances because we care......

Prayers for the people of the islands who, from the looks of things, may need every prayer they can get. Hopefully by now they've taken all the precautions and purchased all the necessary provisions, and like all of us, they wait. And there's still a slight hope the storm could veer out to sea and head further north, not that we wish this storm on anyone else or anywhere else.

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