09/04/17 02:43 PM
Re: Hurricane WARNING for St. Martin/St. Maarten

Yup that's good advice for those that do not live on Island or vacationers. But there are people that need to stay, and those that need to oversee the damage...If you live there, or own property there!!! You need to face this head on. No one will repair but owners.. Yes stay safe, but there are people that can not just get off the Island. And there are those that will have to travel back to oversee damage...If your taking a vacation this week? Cancel for sure... the only invested interest for you is your vacation... I would not come on Island unless its free of this monster... For my long time friends in St.M. Gods speed... We know this has to bring back ugly memorys for you... Lets all pray this hurricane starts to pick up speed. Sitting and pounding is not good.

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