09/06/17 06:56 PM
Re: Hurricane Irma / Divi

Update by Dutch Military Minister... update deputy representative en Rita Rhaman on the scene.
Ships are on their way.
Infrastructure very badly affected. Situation on the ground sxm is very serious.
Port very badly damaged.
Dock Coast guard
Electricity and utilities
Briefly. We have to prepare for the serious
Appearances were insufficient
No info on victims yet
This afternoon 16.00 is being watched from the air by helicopter.
[2:26 pm, 9/6/2017]: update from the crisis team where rst is part of: Sxm is completely unreachable. Dod is leading and is going to fly a helicopter tonight at 20 to determine where to land. At present the cruiseterminal / Piers is completely destroyed and the airport is unreachable because the runway is still severely damaged.
[2:26 pm, 9/6/2017]: the control tower of the French airport has fallen above the runway and is expected to take weeks before the French have their own job. Defence has indicated that it is not possible for civil aviation to be available for the time being, and an airlift will be launched between Curacao and st. Maarten as soon as defence is free
[2:26 pm, 9/6/2017] there will be additional pilots from NL to continue to fly this airlift.
[2:26 pm, 9/6/2017]: there are currently 10 shelters, of which 5 are in operation. One of the first priorities is also to extend the number of operational shelter with a view to the new hurricane Jose, which Saturday / Sunday at sxm.. #Sxmstaysafe

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