09/08/17 05:47 AM
Re: Please be careful what you post...


sxmbeachlover said:
Why is this so important to you? It seems that MARKETING THE ISLAND IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMAN SUFFERING. Of course, people aren't going to get things EXACTLY correct in the beginning, but that is to be expected. SHAMEFUL!!!!

You are way off base. How about getting as much factual information out as possible, not having multiple threads/posts going about the same topic (which justs adds to the confusion) and not repeating "hearsay" without facts to back it up.

I think TTOL has done a great job of both trying to deal with human suffering AND marketing the island when the time is proper. If the island is not "marketed", the local population suffers due to lack of business.

There have been multiple instances of incorrect information posted and that benefits nobody.

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