09/08/17 01:20 PM
Re: any info on Club O

As an owner of ClubO and also a villa on the hill above the village, which status is uncertain but seen a view from distance and not good, I have some thoughts. As for ClubO rebuilding up and running soon, Luis and this are not comparable. Especially if generators are toast, they might be. We had water and power and some structures in 95. The beach front units are not there, not even foundations. So assume there is absolutely nothing down there. Picture surf hitting units 3-9 or at least where they were. Luis actually filled in the corner of bay, you could almost walk to Green Key. Even if we had a Home depot ship with a crew to start from scratch, there will be no lodging until 18mos. There will be a lot of issues that need to be sorted out, the least of which will be money, Insurance? for what? ?? . French Government will be a big one, and they will be a huge problem. They do not understand the island at all and what makes it go IMHO, never have. Tourism on Martinique and Guadeloupe..?
. Guadeloupe wanted their share of taxes in 1995 and everything had to go there first...this time?? Then you get to employees, unions, both of which may not be so happy to wait for 18 mos, may sabotage any rebuilding, would be shocked if they didn't to be honest....there is just so many variables so who knows?? Some owners may not want the fight or can't afford to...Brink had his personal fortune locked up in this in 95, no one does now. One hopes but one needs to be a realist. Going to be a tough place to be able to visit for years..I hope I'm wrong. Just being honest

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