09/08/17 08:32 PM
Re: Compiled damage report

Found this on Mary's Boon.....

Reply to question on Trip Advisor about Mary's Boon damage.....
Thank you for you concern. It still early but we think all of the staff is ok however we have no heard from many of them since we have no power phone water etc. The main building is ok with little damage a few buildings had roof damage and the lower rooms had some water. A few windows blew out but nothing to major. Room 9 and 10 which are the only wooden building is collapsed so we get a new better building there now. Dogs ok and with think all cats ok. Looking at the rest of the island we feel very lucky and very blessed. We built back very strong after Hurricane Lenny in 1999 and it paid off. Thanks again and please come back ASAP. Its how we feed or families!

Scroll down to the bottom of this thread....

Photo of Mary's Boon....

For some reason the link doesn't work, but when I type it into my browser it opens to the photos.

So glad they weren't hit hard, but sounds like they built strong after previous hurricane damage.

Hope this helps answer some questions MB, we love this place.

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