09/09/17 05:59 PM
Re: American Airlines

I tried to cancel our tickets today--depart SFO for SXM 10/11, return 11/6. I was told that at present they are only allowing "free" cancellations through 9/30, and I should try back later. Maybe I'll have better luck if I exchange for another destination, but right now my alternative ideas are all over the world map and I'm nowhere near picking a spot.

I'll give management the benefit of the doubt right now, that they are scrambling with all the current Irma and coming Jose cancellations and schedule issues that they are trying to minimize current chaos.

Unfortunately, I legged into these tickets, having 2 PNRs, so the double cancel fee would amount to almost the entire ticket cost.

I'm not overly concerned. I knew the rules on non-refundable tickets going in, so if AA isn't going to be especially accommodating, I'm willing to eat the loss.

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