09/10/17 06:04 PM
Re: Compiled damage report


BeachKitten said:

Does anyone know the location the pic in #8 is?

Picture 8 shows the Pelican Cove townhouse condo complex in Pelican Key. It is located at the far end of Billy Folly Road on the point of land separating Lay Bay and Cole Bay. We stayed there for 3 weeks in February 2015.

It is a fantastic place to stay. I was relieved to see that the buildings and roofs appear to have survived relatively intact. But I suspect there has been significant water damage from the storm surge and winds.

I wish all of those on St. Maarten/St Martin our prayers for a safe and speedy return to normality, but I suspect it will be many months or even years before that truly happens. We will miss being able to visit our favourite island for the next while.

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