09/11/17 09:52 AM
Re: Compiled damage report

Hello everyone,

New here, but have been traveling to Sea Palace for several years now. Thank you to everyone for all of the information.

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet (I've been at work and offline the last few days) but here is the damage from Calmos Cafe

Also, this was the message from Defender Resorts, the owner of Sea Palace (as of less than a half hour ago)on FB:

We have heard from the Sea Palace staff and all staff members and any guests that were onsite during the hurricane are ok! Many are staying at the resort as it is one of the few structures still standing in the area.
While Sea Palace has undergone extensive damages, it appears the resort faired better than many other buildings in Sint Maarten. Doors, windows and water intrusion are the main damages that we are initially aware of at the resort.
Sint Maarten and Sea Palace are not in the clear though. The island is experiencing power outages, limited communications abilities and shortages of water and food. We will continue to post any updates and information as we receive them.
Initial reportings are estimating that it will be approximately 6-7 months before Sea Palace will be able to accommodate guests again.

Also, for anyone who knows them, Bruce Chilson (owner of Bluebeard charters), and Patrick Cuicci (owner of Pat's Roadhouse) are both safe.

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