09/11/17 10:43 AM
Re: Compiled damage report


The following is what I've read or been told and hopefully, my post here is factual.

By the standards of too many island commercial properties, the Towers is in decent condition. The building structure itself and the vast majority of staff are okay although some staff members did lose their homes. During the actual storm, I was told by a staff member that many of the staff sheltered on site but at last count, there were a few who had not been able to check in.

The roof did sustain some major damage, moreso this time than in Luis, therefore, there has been water damage to some of the upper floor units. All communication options are down and electric and water as well. Not sure of the status if the generator but fuel is probably an issue there if it is otherwise operational.

There is a Towers at Mullet Bay website and the're posting there as they are able.

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